Which are the Top 10 Gujarati Natak?

Which are the Top 10 Gujarati Natak?

Top 10 Gujarati Natak: Drama, poetry is a form of. The composition that is not only by auditory but also by the eyes, also makes people salivary in the heart of the audience is called drama or visual poetry.

In the drama, there is more elegance than audio poetry. Due to the audio poem, it is more closely related to public consciousness. Public awareness is considered as the original inspiration for drama writing and staging of dramatics.

Top 10 Gujarati Natak
Top 10 Gujarati Natak
  • Jalsa Karo Jayanti Lal (no doubt it’s old but it’s still the best. I loved the sacrifice made by Jayantilal)

Dilip Joshi,
Manish Mehta,
Dimple Shah,
Omesh Shulka

Directed By: Vipul Mehta
Genre: Drama, Humor

Jalsa Karo Jayanti Lal
Jalsa Karo Jayanti Lal

Jayantilal is an estate agent. Obviously, with a sweet tongue, he can easily win over somebody with what he speaks. The only purpose of his life is ‘money’ is everything. To earn money he can deceive anybody. Emotions, love, relationship, feelings these words do not exist in his dictionary. However, he adores his grandma, who has raised him. Grandma wants Jayantilal to get married and settle down in life, but he wants to earn a lot of money. Everything was fine until Jayantilal meets Preeti and falls in love with her. The only catch is Preeti falls in love with a hooligan Bakul. Confusion prevails until the end when the story reaches its crescendo. To know what happens to watch this hilarious play.

  • Sakhna rye to sasu nai (good presentation on generation gap)

Alok Shah,
Dilip Rawal,
Gazal Rai,
Minal Patel,
Parth Desai,
Shruti Dhopal

Director: Vipul Mehta

Writer: Vipul Mehta

Genre: Drama

Sakhna rye to sasu nai
Sakhna rye to sasu nai

Synopsis: Sakhna Re To Sasu Nahin Each generation builds the road for another one. And each feels the next cannot or doesn’t wish to understand the present. “Sakhna Re Sasu Nahin” is a story of all mothers who are possessive about their kids. Kunjbala is one such mother whose love turns almost into obsession post-marriage of her son Pratik with Varsha. It’s natural that Pratik’s span of attention is divided as he tries his best to strike balance with his spouse and mother. Varsha is overwhelmed by the affection of the Mother in Law. But craves for her own space as Kunjbala’s love, without realizing its implications wishes to be part of the couple’s day to day living in every step of life. Pratik is torn between two women whom he loves most. Pratik’s efforts in finding solace with Bhadrakant mama falls flat as “the funny mama” adds fuel to fire. Well it doesn’t end here; the story interweaves drama, relationships with fantastic twists and turns in laugh riot situations of “Sakhna Re Sasu Nahin”

  • Lage Raho Gujju bhai (Ultimate comedy by Siddharth Randeria)

All men have a dream, and all married men have a Dream Girl! The plot of the play revolves around a simpleton, middle-class man called Jagdish. He is married for well over twenty-five years and has a son who is enamored by a TV actress, called Chandni. A TV channel announces a game show that offers the winner, a visit to Malaysia with Chandni. Jagdish readily applies and answers the questions over the phone.

He wins! When he meets Chandni, he impresses her by saying all kinds of lies and tells her that he is still a bachelor, living with his old parents. Chandni tells Jagdish that she would love to get an experience of staying in a middle- class joint family and would, therefore, like to stay with Jagdish’s family, instead of going to Malaysia. Can Jagdish refuse an offer like this ? Certainly not! He agrees. Jagdish manages to send his wife away and convinces his parents and his son to support him. What follows is hilarious chaos and a laugh riot.

Lage Raho Gujju bhai
Lage Raho Gujju bhai

Cast: Siddharth Randheria, Aarya Rawal, Jaydip Shah, Purvi Vyas

Director: Siddharth Randeria

Genre: Drama

  • Vaat Bahar Jaai Nahi (The suspense/climax is awesome and hilarious)

Synopsis: Pranjivandas (Siddharth Randeria) admits adultery in front of his wife on their 50th anniversary.This confession sets in motion a series of hilarious accusations and counter-accusations that end up creating unlimited laughter and comedy. The play is directed by superstar Siddharth Randeria who himself portrays the lead character. It also stars leading Gujarati theatre personalities like Himanshu Upadhyay, Vikram Shah, Purvi Vyas, Tejal Vyas, and Pranoti Pradhan.

Vaat Bahar Jaai Nahi
Vaat Bahar Jaai Nahi

Cast: Siddharth Randeria, Himanshu Upadhyay, Rohintan Chesan,Vikram Shah,Purvu Vyas,Tejal Vyas, Pranoti Pradhan

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  • Ek Murakh ne aavi tev (By Pranoti Pradhan (super actress i must say) and Arvind Rathod very nice and heart touching natak)

Synopsis: Jeevan Jeevani is a cynic suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. He is a cleanliness freak who carries his own cutlery and crockery to the restaurants when he eats out. Jeevan’s nephew is trying his best to find a cook for the house, but the eccentric uncle has rejected more than 100 candidates! In comes Lajo Ben, a widow, and an amazing cook. She has a great sense of humor and an ability to laugh at all of life’s difficulties.

In dire need of money, Lajo signs a deal with Jeevan’s nephew and enters their household as a cook. Lajo easily manages to overcome the difficulties created by Jeevan’s cynical demands. In the process, Jeevan falls in love with her. But it isn’t going to be such a smooth sail for Jeevan; he now needs to clear the ultimate test posed by Lajo. Watch this madcap comedy to find out what becomes of Jeevan in the end.

Ek Murakh ne aavi tev
Ek Murakh ne aavi tev

Cast: Arvind Rathod, Pranoti Pradhan, Jagesh Mukati, Paresh Bhatt, Parth Desai, Mihir, Kinjal Bhatt

Director: Vipul Mehta

Producer: Siddharth Randeria, Sanjay Goradia

  • Baa retire thai che (sacrifice of mother / mother in law)

Summary: There is a saying in Sanskrit, “Matru Devo Bhava”, that is, ‘Mother is God’. To say that Ba retires from a family is, therefore, like saying that God is retiring from the world. Like most families, the family in the play is emotionally embattled. There are the sons whose part of the world lies beyond their mother’s home; the husband who believes that he is responsible only for the material well-being of the home and the daughter who has eloped and thereby shunned by the family.

But what is Ba left with? What is that she would seek to protect? A new journey must begin; after all, she is as much of a human being as her children and her husband. Sudha, the protagonist of the play, chooses to, therefore “retire”.

Baa retire thai che
Baa retire thai che

A family drama where, a Baa (MOTHER ) has seen a lot of hardship in life, for taking care of her family and bringing them up. After all the love and care she had given her children, she faces an unexpected behavior from them after their marriage which hurts her a lot. Her kids have started making a distance from her and avoid telling her about the happenings at home.

The dominating bahu’s of the family too, have started misbehaving and do not give her any importance. This leads Baa to take a major step of splitting from her family i.e. retiring from the family. Watch out for this mesmerizing dramatic family drama and enjoy!

The play makes a comeback after 23 years. The original production was directed by Shafi Inamdar, and was adapted in Gujarati by Arvind Joshi.

Cast: Padmarani, Padmarani, Sanat Vyas, Lina Shah, Kapil Bhuta, Kinjal Bhatt, Jaimin Dave, Druma Mehta, Mayur Bhavsar, Mansi Patel, Arya Rawal

Writer: Ashok Patode

Directed By: Sanjay Goradia

  • Masala Mami (Again on the sacrifice of mother and upbringing of her two daughters alone. The last scene is awesome)

Summary: Mangala Trivedi single-handedly runs a spice shop, Mangala has single-handedly raised her two daughters, Anushka, and Shalaka after the death of her husband, Tribhuvan. Anushka’s engagement to Rahul goes off smoothly after initial hiccups and everything is fine in Mangala’s life, until the arrival of Tribhuvan. What will be Anushka and Shalaka’s reaction to the sudden arrival of their father? Will Mangala’s life undergo a tragic change?

Masala Mami
Masala Mami

Cast: Sandeep Mehta, Sarita Joshi, Amit Suchak, Ankit Trivedi, Arvind Vaidya, Devyani Patel, Disha Wakani, Gayatri Rawal, Haresh Joshi, Jatin Mehta, Jay Bhatt, Jitu Mehta, Lali Thakkar

Director – Vipul Mehta

  • Baa ne gher babo aavyo (My favourite Pallavi Pradhan)

Summary: Motherhood is a blessing but at the age of 55 it can be fatal. Vrinda and KK are a lonely couple, who have lost all hopes to bear a child of their own. Anahita, Vrinda’s niece enters into their lives and shows them a ray of hope. Artificial Insemination is what she suggests.

Vrinda agrees and finally conceives and becomes pregnant at 55. How will our society, our moral police approve of her act? What about the medical complications before and after birth? Will she be able to set an example for hundreds and thousands of Vrindas in this country?

Baa ne gher babo aavyo
Baa ne gher babo aavyo

Cast: Pratap Sachdev, Paresh Bhatt, Amish Tanna, Sanjay Goradia, Pallavi Pradhan, Leena Shah

Director: Vipul Mehta

Language: Gujarati

  • Gurubrahma (Siddharth Randeria in serious role and is jordaar)

Siddarth Randeria,
Padmesh Pandit,
Tejal Vyas,
Harshal Gaglani,
Jimit Trivedi,
Chitra Vyas,
Vidhyulata Bhatt

Director: Siddarth Randeria

Genre: Drama, Family

Release Year: 2005


The only certainty in life is uncertainty. Shrikant’s family was going through one such phase of uncertainty, when life seemed to be doomed, without any hope in sight. And at such a time Guru Brahmanand Shastri walked into the Shrikant household. In a short time, without preaching, with humor and great wisdom, the Guru taught the Shrikant family the secrets of living life as it comes and yet be certain of what they were doing.

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