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8 Places To Visit In Gujarat In Monsoon

places to visit in Gujarat during monsoon

8 Places To Visit In Gujarat In Monsoon 8 Places To Visit In Gujarat In Monsoon: The spells of the first rainfall and the fragrance of the wet earth leave us completely nostalgic. Isn’t it? Monsoon in India are always special and brings a breath of relief from the scorching heat. While talking about the hot and humid weather, Gujarat is one of the states which is […]

Topography of Gujarat

Geography of Gujarat

Topography of Gujarat The topography of Gujarat shows a wide range of physical features ranging from physiology, drainage, soil to the coastal and marine environment, etc. In terms of topography, Gujarat shows a wide variation. The topography of land indicates the varied landscape and physical features, and the topography of Gujarat is no exception to this! Gujarat […]

Top 5 Dams in Gujarat (Biggest and Largest)

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Top 5 Dams in Gujarat (Biggest and Largest) Top 5 Dams in Gujarat: There are many major dams in Gujarat State, the largest dam of the Narmada Valley Project is known as SSD or Sardar Sarovar Dam and the upcoming Narendra Modi’s Kalpsar dam project across the Gulf of Khambat. Dams and Reservoirs for the source […]

Top 10 Beautiful Hill Station in Gujarat

Hill Station in Gujarat

Top 10 Beautiful Hill Station in Gujarat Hill Station in Gujarat: Hill stations in Gujarat are a welcome respite from the heat of the rest of the state. Numerous hill stations near Gujarat in the surrounding states of Rajasthan and Maharashtra also offer scenic views and cozy climates for a perfect getaway. The incredible geographical diversity […]

Gujarat Top 10 Water Park

Gujarat Top 10 Water Park Gujarat Top 10 Water Park: Yes, we are talking about water parks in the state. You must know that there are plenty and to give you all that little nudge to head out to any of these water parks and have an exciting day. Summers in Gujarat are slow and tedious. When it […]